Panoias Portugal

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As most of you know, we don’t do anything by halves here at USOKS. Our researchers are international and where possible, we prefer “boots on the ground”. Please let me introduce our USOKS…

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The Dolmen Theory by John Jenson

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher


A survivor population following the Last Great Cataclysm, 7,000 years ago would have lost most or all of its technology within a few generations, probably not more than 4 or 5, or certainly within 150 years of the event. Survival at that time was a day to day enterprise, and as soon as any predators began to hunt and kill the survivors, the local tribal leader’s immediate reaction would be to build some sort of impregnable ‘safe room’ that was not vulnerable to predator attack.


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Monsanto Portugal

Living beneath a roof that weighs more than the average cruise ship may make some people a little nervous. But it is commonplace for the residents in the Portuguese village of Monsanto, who adapted their homes around the environment filled with gigantic granite boulders. In the mountaintop village, homes are sandwiched between, under and even in the 200-tonne rocks.

Dee MacQueen and Anne Tittensor. USOKS Researchers, Up close and personal, Boots on the Ground – Present Monsanto 🙂 – W O W

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Panoias Portugal

As most of you know, we don’t do anything by halves here at USOKS. Our researchers are international and where possible, we prefer “boots on the ground”. Please let me introduce our USOKS researcher based in Portugal – the lovely Dee MacQueen…


A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a picture from the internet of a stone at a place called Panoias in Portugal. A few discussions cropped up and that’s where Dee stepped in!! Why “discuss” something from an old internet pic when you have “boots on the ground”. So….Dee volunteered to go to the site on behalf of the USOKS team. Not only did she manage to photograph the whole site and surrounding area, but she was clever enough to include a 12″ rule in her backpack to make sure that everyone experienced the scale of things!! – clever lady …
Once you view the wonderful pics, you will realise that attempting to google information on the site is futile – LOL. This place is from a time long forgotten. In fact if you didn’t know the name of the site and where it is, you would swear you were in Peru!!!!!!!!!

Panóias sanctuary, located in the surroundings of Vila Real, is one of the most enigmatic cases of Portuguese archaeology.

Click here for Map and Directions



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The Hostage Stone Isle of Bute

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher

The “Hostage Stone” depicts a traumatic event for the inhabitants of Bute. Discovered in excavations beginning in 1999, the stone is now on display in the Bute Museum.

hostage stone

I was lucky enough to photograph the stone on Friday evening when the Isle of Bute Museum held it’s “Night at the Museum” evening. The engraving is quite difficult to make out, so the museum have made a replica which shows the scene depicted in more detail….

Hostage stone replica

Note the tall person with long flowing hair….The “Hostage Stone” was discovered  during an excavation of the medieval churchyard on Inchmarnock. It was found in two pieces, roughly 4m apart and a year apart. The smaller piece was found in 2001 during the excavation of an exploratory trench to the north of the medieval church; the larger fragment came to light in 2002 during excavation of the area to the northwest of the church.

hostage stone 3                 On…

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The Concho Stone

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher

The Cochno Stone in West Dunbartonshire bears what is considered to be the finest example of Bronze Age “cup and ring” carvings in Europe.

Picture: Contributed Picture: Contributed

The stone, which measures 42ft by 26ft, was discovered by the Rev James Harvey in 1887 on farmland near what is now the Faifley housing estate on the edge of Clydebank. It is covered in about 90 carved indentations, or “cups”, and grooved spirals, along with a ringed cross and a pair of four-toed feet!!

History researcher Alexander McCallum, who has lobbied to have the stone uncovered, said there were multiple interpretations for the carvings. It is thought that the markings are astronomical maps, showing constellations. Mr McCallum said similar carvings had been found around the world, including in Hawaii, India and Africa, while in Scotland they tended to be found along the west coast near the sea or rivers, often close to…

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Wemyss Caves

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher

weymss cave 1weymss cave 2weymss cave 3

East Wemyss is a former coal-mining village on the south coast of Fife. It is famous for a group of sandstone caves along the shoreline, these having been delved in some far-off time when the waters of the Firth of Firth were higher than today. The cave walls are adorned with ancient carvings, many of which are now hard to discern.

Wemyss Cave Fly Through Click Here :

Wemyss Cave Blog :

Wemyss Cave 4D :

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Vitrified Scottish Forts

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher

TapONoth1    craig phadrig

I do not know how many times I have been asked about this. Every time the word “vitrification” is stated in my research as well as that of Jan Peter de Jong’s, Jesus Gamarra’s and Bob Newton’s, a lot of folks cite the research on the Scottish Vitrified Forts. As Jan Peter will tell you, the vitrified vestiges in Peru are a different kettle of fish. No ne seems to have addressed the research and the investigations into the 60 or more vitrified forts in Scotland. For this short article I will try my best to explain the Scottish vitrification process and will focus on what is known as “Fully Vitrified” .

What is Full/Total Vitrification?

Total vitrification appears to be the application of an extreme temperature evenly throughout the entire length or significant section of the rampart for a significant time, to the extent that the…

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Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary

What a fabulous day out. I have been dying to visit the sanctuary for over a year now and today was it – and I was not disappointed.


The Animal Sanctuary on the way from Cusco to Pisac is free to get into and serves as a rehabilitation centre for various indigenous species like the condor, different types of macaws and parrots and wild cats including declawed pumas rescued from a casino!!

Not only is the entry free!!, you are guided through by the most knowledgeable caregivers who explain EVERYTHING to you and relate the, sometimes, quite horrific background these animals had before being rescued.


The animals are first rescued by the ecological police who brings them to the sanctuary. The sanctuary operates as a family enterprise and survives solely from tourist donations and purchases of animal-friendly products from their souvenir shop.

the sanctuary

Although there is no entry fee, I would strongly encourage you to leave a donation. If you leave 10 soles (or more hopefully), you can take away a lovely handmade gift. The Peruvian government endorses and legalizes their paperwork, BUT offers no financial support. Tour guides DON’T stop at the sanctuary as the family who runs it cannot afford to pay the tour agency a fee for stopping there, so please if you visit Cusco, take the time to visit the sanctuary. It will be a couple of hours well spent!!

MAP : map sanctuary

The highlight of the visit must be the Condor flying!! – I thought I had seen everything when visiting Scottish Golden Eagles – but these massive birds are something to behold close up – and I mean CLOSE UP!! – REALLY CLOSE UP AND PERSONAL!!!


Take the bus from Cusco (the Cusco to Pisac/Calca bus) and ask the driver to stop at the sanctuary. It costs 2 soles on the slow local bus or 4 soles on the white van bus. Anymore details, just give me a shout ………………

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The Media & Propaganda

PART ONE – The Political Agenda

I am not politically au fait and therefore I am unable to contribute to most political discussions both at home (The UK) and abroad. I apologise for my lack of in depth knowledge of international politics, but, if you know me, these following blogs are really not about one particular subject/country. I do however see a constant propaganda thread throughout the media on all levels and encompassing all subject matter. My news feed these days consists of a constant, boring and laughable string of ludicrous news articles,

memes and a screaming river of absolute nonsensical statements, especially in regards to the candidates who are running in the primaries for eventual presidential election which doesn’t happen until November 2016!! for goodness sake – do I have to put up with all this circus like behaviour for another 10 months!!! – O M G. I have tried to curb the amount of trash I receive on my news feed, to no avail, they still come creeping in ….

As an “outsider”, I feel extremely saddened that for a  beautiful country like the states, their only options are Donald Trump (Donald John Trump is an American real estate magnate, who has filed for bankruptcy 4 times!!, billionaire, investor, socialite, author, television personality and IMO, a complete lunatic), Hilary Clinton (Hillary Rodham — was fired for lying and being unethical when she was a 27-year-old working on the Watergate investigation), Jeb Bush (He is a Bush, need I say more), Bernie Sanders (A Jewish US Politician who claims not to possess a dual citizenship with Israel, Ted Cruz (Some religious nutcase) etc….

One cannot make sense of any of this –  from personal banners screaming “I love Bernie” to downright infantile statements like “Trump is the only way forward” – as in the UK, there are no sides, you are all voting for the same thing, be it Sanders/Bush/Clinton in the USA or Cameron/Corbyn/Farron in the UK

cameron pig joke

these people DO NOT work to benefit society, they are all puppets of the same hidden agenda. All one has to do, as a friend of mine taught me some years ago, is – FOLLOW THE MONEY…….

PART TWO – The Religious Agenda  – to follow

PART THREE – Propaganda throughout History  – to follow

PART FOUR – The question is why?  – to follow



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