Rosslyn Chapel – Part One – Mainstream History

  Rosslyn Chapel – Part One – Mainstream History

Rosslyn Chapel (Anne at Rosslyn Chapel) – Prior to my upcoming project on Rosslyn Chapel. I thought I would provide anyone interested, some mainstream and some not so mainstream information on, the now famous, Rosslyn Chapel. I have included some fabulous up to date pics on these Rosslyn Chapel blogs by the very talented Sarah from Edinburgh and Beyond Photography who was recently given permission to photograph some of the interior of the chapel…..

Rosslyn 2


Rosslyn Chapel has been in the ownership of the St Clair family since its foundation in 1446. In 1995 the present Earl of Rosslyn established the Rosslyn Chapel Trust to oversee the continuing programme of conservation and became Chairman of its Trustees.

The Countess of Rosslyn chairs the Chapel Management Committee, which assists the Trustees with strategic management of the conservation plan, working with a Director who has day-to-day responsibility for the site.

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL St Clair Family Tree :

Rosslyn 4Looking back towards the entrance door on the north side of the chapel. The chapel was founded in 1446 and has been in the ownership of the St Clair family ever since.

Rosslyn 5 The intricate ‘Apprentice Pillar’. The story has it that a young apprentice mason carved the pillar in his master’s absence. On his return the master’s jealousy caused him to strike the apprentice over the head, killing him outright. The pillar also has eight carved dragons winding around its base, which has significance in Scandinavian mythology. It is thought that this perhaps indicates the Norse roots of the St Clair family, who have owned the chapel since it was founded in 1446.


Rosslyn 6The intricate roof of the lady chapel at the east end of the chapel, consisting of 13 crisscrossed arches with small protruding carved cubes. Each cube is carved with a unique pattern of lines and dots, the meaning of which has puzzled experts for years. Some think that they represent a secret code, while others think the patterns are musical notes, and a tune has actually been composed to test this theory! Hanging from the middle of the lady chapel ceiling, in the centre of my photograph, is an eight-pointed Star of Bethlehem with figures from the Nativity on each of its outer sides.

Rosslyn 8 This is a photo of the crypt which is accessed from a set of steep steps next to the Apprentice Pillar.

Rosslyn Chapel, A Treasure in Stone (Video) :

Rosslyn Chapel – Architectural Masterpiece (Video) :



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  1. James (Jim) Reginald Sinclair says:

    Thank you Anne for another glimpse into the wonders of Rosslyn. I’m hoping to visit God willing

    Kind regards & God bless

    Jim Sinclair, Otara, Manukau, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand


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