Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary

What a fabulous day out. I have been dying to visit the sanctuary for over a year now and today was it – and I was not disappointed.


The Animal Sanctuary on the way from Cusco to Pisac is free to get into and serves as a rehabilitation centre for various indigenous species like the condor, different types of macaws and parrots and wild cats including declawed pumas rescued from a casino!!

Not only is the entry free!!, you are guided through by the most knowledgeable caregivers who explain EVERYTHING to you and relate the, sometimes, quite horrific background these animals had before being rescued.


The animals are first rescued by the ecological police who brings them to the sanctuary. The sanctuary operates as a family enterprise and survives solely from tourist donations and purchases of animal-friendly products from their souvenir shop.

the sanctuary

Although there is no entry fee, I would strongly encourage you to leave a donation. If you leave 10 soles (or more hopefully), you can take away a lovely handmade gift. The Peruvian government endorses and legalizes their paperwork, BUT offers no financial support. Tour guides DON’T stop at the sanctuary as the family who runs it cannot afford to pay the tour agency a fee for stopping there, so please if you visit Cusco, take the time to visit the sanctuary. It will be a couple of hours well spent!!

MAP : map sanctuary

The highlight of the visit must be the Condor flying!! – I thought I had seen everything when visiting Scottish Golden Eagles – but these massive birds are something to behold close up – and I mean CLOSE UP!! – REALLY CLOSE UP AND PERSONAL!!!


Take the bus from Cusco (the Cusco to Pisac/Calca bus) and ask the driver to stop at the sanctuary. It costs 2 soles on the slow local bus or 4 soles on the white van bus. Anymore details, just give me a shout ………………


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