Panoias Portugal

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher

As most of you know, we don’t do anything by halves here at USOKS. Our researchers are international and where possible, we prefer “boots on the ground”. Please let me introduce our USOKS researcher based in Portugal – the lovely Dee MacQueen…


A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a picture from the internet of a stone at a place called Panoias in Portugal. A few discussions cropped up and that’s where Dee stepped in!! Why “discuss” something from an old internet pic when you have “boots on the ground”. So….Dee volunteered to go to the site on behalf of the USOKS team. Not only did she manage to photograph the whole site and surrounding area, but she was clever enough to include a 12″ rule in her backpack to make sure that everyone experienced the scale of things!! – clever lady …
Once you view the wonderful pics, you…

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About usoksglobal

Bob and Anne have been working together for the past 7 years connecting ancient cultures and their migratory paths around the planet. Time and research into these ancient connections have produced results that have connected the continents in times said to be impossible just a short time ago. Join them, US, as we continue to share what we find along the way. Anne Tittensor, an Independent Researcher, specialising in Global Connective Stonework, Global Connective Symbology and Ancient Quantum Physics. Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the world seeking evidence of a lost civilisation from Turkey to Peru, from Easter Island to America and beyond. visit @: The Rogue Researcher AKA Bob Newton, is an independent researcher that has been researching heavily for the past 8 years into the history behind the Mis-Story we have been taught. Specialising in the Lost Continent of MU, The Rogue Researcher investigates clues to our hidden past. Clues that are hidden in plain sight. visit @:
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