David Ritchie

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Born in 1948, David Ritchie survived his Catholic education, by rebellion, and by the age of 14 was working as a professional drummer and doing his homework on the bus to school. By age 24 he was conducting and playing with some of the top big bands in the world, from London to Las Vegas.

Who built the Giza Pyramids, and why? It’s an age-old question. Many have puzzled and theorized over the problem. The Æyptians make the claim to fame, but their own history clouds that assumption. The Jews claim an Exodus from that land, but their sacred books never once mention the pyramids by name, and Ægypt has no record of the Jews. In fact Ægypt has never called itself by that name; it was ‘Khem, the Black Land’. It also called itself ‘Ta-Wy, the Two Lands’, which has encouraged every historian to assume that the country was divided in half. That places the Pyramids in Lower Ægypt, to the north, and Upper Ægypt in the south. It’s upside down! The premise has never been questioned, even when Ægypt has a history of being founded by ‘foreigners’ from another land.

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“Every so often someone bursts onto the scene with an insight that is so revolutionary and so remarkable that one can’t help but wonder if it is the product of a genius… or a lunatic. This is one of those books, and I can happily tell you that David Ritchie is no lunatic. He has diligently prepared his detailed thesis for two decades. What if everything you’ve been told about the ancient world and its geography was wrong? What if there’s another explanation altogether?” – Andrew Gough