In Memory – Chris Jordan

chris 1 chris 2

Chris Jordan – Friend and Fellow Researcher – RIP

Christopher Jordan was born in London, and has a background in chemical physics. He played a part in manually analyzing the early data from the microwave telescopes, eventually identifying an alcohol in interstellar gas clouds. He continued further research modeling non-linear reaction diffusion systems on the surfaces of cells and groups of cells. This led to his seminal work on the nature of morphological determination and the role cell adhesion molecules played within the scheme.

Chris has written numerous articles and books and assisted a few of us on vitrification research. His work placed him in southeast Asia, and he became interested in the local history. Visiting ancient sites, he became curious about common characteristics of sites he had seen around the world, often the ones not easily explained. This lead to his writing the Secrets of the Sun Sects. He had shown earlier in his life how how easy it may have been for the ancient craftsmen to build the mirrors and how powerful they were. He postulates early civilizations were actually more interested in the practical uses for solar energy to support their society, art and science, rather than only sun worshipping. I miss him terribly.

Unknown to some, Chris was also involved in some solar designs. Here is his design for a solar rice cooker :

chris solar design


chris book 1 chris book 2 chris book 3 chris book 4


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