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Since retiring from law enforcement, Bauman has worked at Micropulse (2004-pres.), a medical implant firm, and returned with great energy to his love for investigation and the resolution of mysteries through his studies in cryptology and steganography. The first major result of his work in these areas is his authorship of National (Beale) Treasure . . . at Red Knee (2015), a book in which Bauman invokes steganography to consider whether works by Edgar Allan Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson possess a possible connection to the Beale Papers.

Are there really national treasures linked to great American figures? Could the
Beale Papers, which until now have been a 19th century legend, indicate one such mystery? One investigative author says yes.

The Beale Papers are three encrypted ciphertexts that have long been thought to point to a treasure in Virginia. The story goes, in 1820, Thomas Jefferson Beale left an innkeeper the encrypted documents telling where he had buried a treasure worth $30 million. Beale was never heard from again, and the mystery was left unanswered. Some have called the story a hoax, but author Kenneth Andrew Bauman provides evidence supporting a case for the mysterious Beale Papers.

National Treasure at Red Knee :

The Beale Treasure Revealed :

Ken Bauman on the History Channel :

Coming Soon – USOKS Anne Tittensor Chats with Ken Bauman…………………………..

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  1. Kenneth Andrew Bauman says:

    Thank you, Anne, for including me as a fellow researcher. – Ken


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