Richard Gabriel & Judith Ann

There will be messengers that will precede the coming of the Purifier.
They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.
The messages will be found written on the living stone………….

“All my life I had chased an understanding of the crazy experiences which singled me out as a loner with a single obsession; to profoundly understand the Nature of Things. In 1981 I had an experience to end all experiences. It was as a memory recall of how everything actually worked. It was instant and gave me back the whole knowing of the function of matter up to and beyond quantum. It addressed and answered every question about my whole life of Supernormal experience and every other question thrown at it. It was my Event!” – Richard Gabriel

Richard’s & Judith’s Website :

In Pursuit of best Animal Welfare in Cairo Egypt

giza foundation


It has been witnessed, recorded and recognised there is a high incidence of poor animal treatment at Giza; especially in the handling of camel and horse stock to serve tourists. The Giza Foundation will address the need to demonstrate the benefit of good animal husbandry and the humane treatment of all animals encountered at Giza.

 This will be achieved through the surveying and gathering of evidence to establish a datum point for improvement. Collaboration will be sought with other professional and non professional bodies, along with the public and others working in this field, to determine and deliver an educational plan of action. This will aim to educate and motivate toward better practice for animal owners; their users and for animal life in general.

 Positive support will be sought with authoritative bodies having similar responsibility. Public disclosure and education will be achieved through interactive website publication and through a developed programme of positive interaction with all concerned with a view to promoting better practice. International public presentations will be sought whenever prudent and possible.

Giza Foundation Web Site :


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