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Dissident Science

DissidentSciencePodcastMainstream physics and cosmology have run amuck and theories such as the big bang, black holes, and relativity are now under fire by thousands of scientists, professors, and engineers from around the world. Step into the world of the dissident scientist and find satisfying answers to mainstream dead ends and you will discover that science is fun again!

Dead TED Talks and Dissident Science – CLICK HERE :

Michio Kaku


Michio Kaku is an American futurist, theoretical physicist and popularizer of science. Dr. Kaku is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York.

The Web Site :

The Universe in a Nutshell :

String Theory :

Albert Einstein The Full Documentary :

Does Gravity alone rule the Cosmos?

For nearly three years we have reported on countless discoveries that challenge the foundations of modern cosmology and astrophysics.Watch this vid by Space News…..

cosmos 1 cosmos 2



Quantum Theory Timeline


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