The Bellahouston Stone

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

The Bellahouston Stone, situated at Govan Old Parish Church in Glasgow, Scotland. It was probably carved  as a tombstone laid horizontally over a grave, but there is no certainty to its origins. The carvings are very worn but traces of interlace patterns can still be seen within and around the central cross. In the 18th century, the stone was re-used by a local family from the nearby Bellahouston estate who buried their dead in the ancient churchyard at Govan. The mis-spelled name BELLIYHOUSTONS was inscribed in the arc at the top.


A number of the early medieval cross-slabs at Govan were re-used as tombstones by local families in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They were usually carved with the initials of the deceased and, in some cases, with the date of death. This kind of re-use inevitably damaged the carved patterns from ancient times.

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