The Rock Art of China


The Huashan Rock Paintings : Coordinates: N22 15 42 E107 00 37

Huashan China 1 Huashan China 2 Huashan China 3

The rock painting of the Huashan Mountain is located on the west bank of the Mingjiang River in the Yaoda Town, Ningming County, Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region. Huashan Mountain, also called “Xianren (celestial being) Mountain”, is called as pay laiz in the language of the Zhuang Nationality, which means a mountain with colorful paintings. It is a mountain of broken rocks, of which the ridges and peaks are undulate. Its height is 270 meters, and the length from north to south is 350 odd meters.

Rock paintings of the similar style as the Huashan Mountain rock painting are scattered on the cliffs of the two shores of Zuojiang drainage area of Guangxi, involving the cities and counties of Pingxiang, Longzhou, Ningming, Chongzuo, Fusui and Daxin, etc, stretching 200-300 kilometers. Up till now, 82 rock paintings have been discovered, among which, there is one site in Pingxiang city, 21 sites in Longzhou county, eight sites in Ningming county, 28 sites in Chongzuo city, 23 sites in Fusui county, and one site in Daxin county.



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