Unplugged With Dee and Annie on USOKS Media

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All the latest news from the Alternative Community with Dee and Annie at Unplugged……

USOKS Media launch of the new series “Unplugged” hosted by Annie Newton and Dee MacQueen, both based in Portugal.

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Unplugged with Dee and Annie on Facebook – All of our shows and a few more that may be of interest to the Alternative Archaeological Followers!!
Unplugged Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/246643455769441/

Unplugged with Dee and Annie Show Listings

Show Number 1 – The Introduction to Unplugged with Dee and Annie Dee & Annie
Show 1 – The Introduction

giants stamp Show Number 2 – Cecelia Hall take us into the times of the giants. Cecelia Hall has done extensive research into the lands and the times of these large beings
Show 2 – Giants with Cecelia Hall

battie Show Number 3 – Shirley Battie has been actively working in the realm of Spiritual Healing, Clairvoyance and Psychic Phenomena since 1990. Now a World Famous ET Channeler, Author of many books, and a well travelled teacher, Shirley speaks at conferences around the world.
Show 3 – Shirley Battie ET Channeler

Trebha Show Number 4 – Trebha Cooper – Trebha is known for three controversial claims, one, that Pythagorus wrote the Bible, two, that the major events of the Bible took place not in the Middle East but in the south of France, and three, that the Irish language can help one to understand more accurately what the Bible really means.

In 2014, Trebha wrote his article for the Graham Hancock website entitled “Gobekli Tepe and its connections with France” – (https://grahamhancock.com/coopert1/) – A controversial topic to say the least!!! – Or is it?

Show 4 – Trebha Cooper